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We can help you through the planning, building, and maintenance stages of hydroponic gardening. 
Be it a small house project or a large, commercial space, we can assist you
with whatever gardening goals you have.






Trent Lynch, Cofounder and CEO of Shoreline Hydroponics, LLC is currently the Director of Cultivation for a Large Hydroponic Cultivation Facility in Massachusetts. Trent previously Managed two 10,000 square foot canopy licenses for iAnthus Capital in Massachusetts called CannaTech Medicinals and Mayflower Medicinals.

CannaTech, located in Fall River and Mayflower Medicinals located in Holliston.  


Trent began cultivating cannabis professionally in June of 2015 as the Veg Department Supervisor at New England Treatment Access in Franklin, MA. NETA is an 18,000-plant garden harvesting over 100 pounds of cannabis each week. In his role as Veg Department Supervisor, Trent planted the first round of seeds and worked through all of the genetics and strain selection processes. He trained the staff in plant propagation and set up the seed-to-sale tracking system. In January of 2018, Trent was promoted to Cultivation Manager. At this time, he managed the construction of NETA’s expansion of the cultivation facility while planning and executing the day-to-day operations in cultivation of the 18,000-plant garden and a crew of 30 people. 


In June of 2018, Trent started as Cultivation Manager of Mayflower Medicinals in Holliston, MA. Mayflower Medicinals is a subsidiary of iAnthus Capital Holdings. iAnthus Capital owns and operates cultivation and production facilities along with multiple dispensaries in 14 states across the U.S. Mayflower Medicinals has been a very important project for cannabis enthusiasts and investors. Trent transformed Mayflower’s cultivation processes creating yields above projections. After his start date, harvest yields went from 100 pounds every 10 days to 200 pounds every 10 days and has now reached 300 lb harvests. 

In the beginning of 2021, Trent Started Cultivation operations at CannaTech in Fall River, MA while continuing to manage Mayflower. 


At CannaTech, Trent harvested 150 lb of cannabis every 7 days.  Trent is eager to develop and advance his career in retail and commercial hydroponic supply.


Trent graduated from The University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2005 with a bachelor’s degree in Plant, Soil, and Insect Science. He worked as the Assistant Superintendent of the Franklin Country Club in Franklin, MA, from 2006 to 2010. After managing the Franklin Country Club, Trent owned and operated TC Lynch Turf Co. LLC from December 2010 to April 2014. TC Lynch Turf Co. was a landscaping and grounds management company located in Natick, MA that managed and operated landscape installations and lawn renovations.  Trent took a Sales Manager job at Weston Nurseries in Hopkinton, MA. At Weston Nurseries, Trent helped manage greenhouse and nursery operations while operating the sales department. 


When the cannabis industry opened for business in MA in 2015, Trent made the transition from greenhouse management to indoor cannabis cultivation management. Since 2015, Trent has played a key role in the startup of NETA, Mayflower Medicinals, CannaTech, and a Hydroponic Cultivation Facility. 



i. Current Experience: Logistics and process manager at Bender Plumbing since 2015. His ability to prioritize, manage, and lead a team has led to sustainable  and growable processes and procedures. Proven track record to successfully manage multiple teams of up to18 people from a varied background in multiple roles to support distribution and exceed  customer expectations. He has led successful campaigns to create and lead teams in four branches while creating and implementing S.O.P.s that are sustainable and scalable. Chad was the key person to work with the Warehouse Management System Implementation team where he identified problem areas, and created processes, training for key positions and was able to ensure successful adoption, compliance, and repeatable actionable behaviors. Manage expectations from management and provide quick on-his-feet thinking to foster a leader-leader environment. This empowered all people regardless of their role throughout the organization to successfully make course adjustments and  decisions to drive the correct outcome for the business in any given situation. Instituted publicly viewable metrics to showcase opportunities for improvement with coaching and allowing for the team to receive praise for the areas where goals were exceeded. Formerly managed a sales portfolio of technical HVAC supplies and wholesale plumbing supplies in a commercial capacity. Efficient multitasker; ensured quotes were completed in time and to spec for all customers. Provided advice to customers for equipment selections and best practices in use to deliver value and efficiency.  


ii. Previous Experience: Lead team of hazardous cleanup crew of over 15 in multiple boats during large scale disasters including Deep Water Horizon BP drilling rig. Managed a team of skimmer units in Louisiana, Mississippi, and  Alabama to drive a successful cleanup campaign. Meet and exceed milestones to minimize effects of the disaster while ensuring personal safety and exercising environmental conscientiousness. Rise to the occasion in the face of adversity and meet management’s goals.  

iii. Education: Concentration in Business Administration & Management and Marketing from Southern Connecticut State University. 



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